ClubsTileClubs and Societies underpin student fraternity and amenity at UNE. There are a large number of Clubs at all stages of development and most of these can be found below.  Clubs and Societies at UNE build capacity in community leadership that benefits students after they complete their tertiary study.

They are limited only by imagination and cater for all manner of extra-curricular activities, however Clubs are only as strong as their student leaders and the interest level of the current co-hort. For this reason, some clubs will be very active, whilst some others may be in a period of hiatus.

You can find out more about how to create a Club or Society, or other helpful club documents by visiting the Clubs Resources page via the button below.

UNE Life’s office of Communications and Student Engagement is available to answer queries regarding club creation, maintenance or funding requests. Email or by phone 6773 5168.

Club Resources

Cat Botha


GSMA is UNE’S Gender and Sexuality Minorities Alliance. It is a group that hopes to provide events, support and a discussion forum for the Armidale area’s LGBTI+ community. This group encompasses both the old the old AQuA group and has an office and shared space in the Weston Common Room of UNE. All LGBTI+ Armidillians are welcome to meet, socialise, get information, help or just talk to other LGBTI people. Absolutely everyone is welcome to join GSMA and get involved in our events.

Zoey Hemsworth

UNE Townies

If you live in Armidale, study at UNE, and live in town, you are a Townie!


Elsie Barnes


History of PhUNE

The University of New England’s Bachelor of Pharmacy program commenced in 2010.  The Pharmacy Students’ Association of the University of New England (PhUNE) was established in 2011, one year after the Bachelor of Pharmacy program commenced. Since its establishment, the program has grown significantly, which can be attributed to the course being offered for external study. PhUNE represents the UNE Pharmacy students and includes both internal and external cohort, with over 60% of students enrolled as external students. Our first graduates graduated in early 2014. PhUNE held its inaugural Annual Gala Ball in August 2014.

PhUNE endeavours to:

  • Provide members with networking opportunities through a variety of social activities including trivia nights, Gala Balls, barbeques, involvement at UNE clubs and societies events, professional talks and lectures and invitations to professional events.
  • Represent members on a national and international level through close ties with National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association and the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation.
  • Promote pharmacy awareness and advance the standing of the profession in the broader community.

Benefits of PhUNE Membership:

  • Discount on prescribed textbooks including the Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH) and Australian Pharmacy Formulary (APF).
  • Discounted professional resources including discounted prices on placements shirts and name badges.
  • Discounted attendance to social events.
  • National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association (NAPSA) & International Pharmaceutical Student Federation (IPSF) Membership.
  • Invitation to the annual NAPSA Congress.
  • Invitation to professional development events.

Koady Humphreys


We are all passionate about social, economic and environmental issues in the community and are using this passion to utilise and develop the skills we are learning at uni through outreach projects. We are supported by the UNE School of Business.

We aim to create positive sustainable change in our communities

Enactus brings together a diverse network of university students, academic professionals and industry leaders around the shared mission of creating a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business. By contributing their talents to projects that improve the lives of people worldwide, Enactus participants are demonstrating that individuals with a knowledge and passion for busi…ness can be a powerful force for change. When it comes to planning for a career after university, Enactus students have two things in common – their experiences as a Enactus student have better prepared and qualified them, and their participation at Enactus events provides them with unparalleled access to the country’s most successful executives and entrepreneurs.
General Information
Enactus UNE is a student leadership organisation focused on developing and implementing community projects through entrepreneurial initiatives. The annual Enactus National Competition gives a platform for students to present their projects to major corporations such as Woolworths and CPA Australia. Company and university executives judge each university team on the social, economic and environment…al benefits they contribute towards the community. In recognition of the significant impact Enactus UNE projects are having on our community, Enactus UNE won against 21 other Australian universities to be named the Australian National Champions for 2013. The team will now have opportunities to further showcase their projects at the Enactus World Cup in Cancun, Mexico from the 29th of September to the 1st of October, 2013. More information on Enactus can be found at
Enactus UNE’s current projects: Farming Futures: This project is about connecting Australian graduates with Australian jobs to help ensure global food security and address sustainability issues in the agricultural sector. An annual key event for this project will take place on the 2nd of August 2013, when The Annual Farming Futures Careers Fair and Dinner take place in Armidale NSW. FinLit: This project provides financial literacy classes to primary school students from lower socio-economic backgrounds. This program empowers students to take financial responsibility and enjoy the freedom that comes from having savings and control of financial outcomes. Minimbah BC: This project is about ensuring that all Australians have a right to a legal identity. Over the past 2 years the project has provided 1232 free birth certificates to aboriginal and lower SES children and families in northern NSW. Minimbah has also joined up with other national stakeholders, calling for a National Partnership Agreement between all States and Territories, for free and automatic birth certificates for every Australian born child.

Samatayo Olanipekun

Student For Christ

Student For Christ  engage with the members every Thursdays at the Care Fellowship meetings on-campus from 6pm to 8pm in Dixson Library. They also organise trips, bbqs and other educational and recreational activities to engage with the wider student population at UNE.


David Stevenson-Relf

UNE Gaming Society

University of New England Gaming Society is open for all students, staff and community members. We run social events competitions and play games. We’re here to have fun and promote interests in games, from handhelds, consoles, to PC, to tabletop. We are an inclusive society; slander and bad-mouthing other members is against our rules.

Please come along to our events at The ‘Stro, which we run each Tuesday from 6pm.

If you have any queries or issues please send us an email at

Bianca Schloeffel

Anime UNE

The Anime (Japanese Animation) Appreciation Club has been running since June 2003. Screening at least 3 full anime series each semester of the university year. Screenings are every Thursday night (during term times only) from 6.45pm to 9.30pm (approx, sometimes running later to 10pm). Screenings finish the week before exams.

All previous & current members are welcome to join.


Stormie de Groot


Armidale Students Promoting International Rights and Equality (ASPIRE) is the University of New England’s Global Health Group founded in 2009.

ASPIRE aims to provide Global Health education and advocacy opportunities for the medical students of the University of New England and the wider community.

ASPIRE is also affiliated with AMSA Global Health (Australian Medical Student’s Association Global Health Subcommittee) and continues to work with local community groups, including Armidale Rural Australian’s for Refugees and Sustainable Living Armidale.


Jacob Tan


The UNE Engineering society’s purpose is to support the engineering students at UNE by providing an additional resource through which students can interact with each other and the teaching staff as well as providing an avenue for interaction with key identities affiliated with Engineers Australia. In addition to this the club provides opportunities for complementary extracurricular activities.


Crystal Phillips


This is the second year of the re-established UNE Archaeology Society. For all UNE archaeology students past and present, we can hope to organise fun archaeology related events (like road-trips, workshops, lectures, movie nights etc).

Past ‘Diary of an Archaeologist’ talks can be viewed at

And the public talks are available at


Gemma Bryan

UNE Law Students’ Society

The UNE Law Students’ Society provides opportunities for UNE law students to connect with each other and with academics beyond the classroom setting, and to enjoy their time as law students.

The LSS organises academic, cultural, social and sporting activities, in an effort to supplement students’ legal education. The Society enjoys a strong and interactive relationship with the School of Law, enabling us to act as a conduit between the staff, the school and the student body. The UNE Law Students’ Society also endeavours to provide ways for UNE law students to connect more easily to the wider legal world.

Key activities we are undertaking this year include the Mock Trial Competition, LSS Cocktail Night, The EBL Ball, Academic and Social Justice Guest Speakers, and the Multi-Sport Challenge between the Law School and BEPP.

Membership of the LSS costs just $15, and entitles members to discounted rates to LSS hosted events and LSS merchandise, access to LSS facilities and a rather splendid membership card.


Ben Lukins


Christians United is a student run group at UNE that aims to encourage and train Christians as well as share the gospel with the students of UNE.

We do this through organising a number of events where Christians can meet together to build each other up and dig into the word of God. Regular events such as our weekly bible studies and prayer meetings give students the opportunity to be meeting regularly with other Christians in the same stage of life focusing on Gods word. Events such as sticky Questions give students the opportunity to bring their non-christian friends along to hear the gospel.


Eliza Metz


UNESSTA supports and promotes the involvement, welfare, wellbeing and education of UNESSTA members through social, educational, cultural, sporting and charitable events. They facilitate the communication between students and stadd in the School of Science and Technology and create outstanding networking opportunities for current students and alumni and host a range of events that add substantial value to your UNE degree.


Ruth Minkov

UNE Womens’ Society

The UNE Women’s Society (UNEWS) aims to support female-identifying students by: providing networking opportunities; holding social, recreational and educational events; providing educational resources; and promoting awareness and use of the Women’s Space.

All women studying or working at UNE, alumni and other affiliates, including those who do not identify as female, are welcome to join. Membership of UNEWS is free and can be arranged by emailing management.

UNEWS is LGBTQPIA friendly.